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Fantasmas de Hormigón

An ongoing photographic project that consists of creating sculptures made from cement, concrete and found objects in unfinished and abandoned buildings.

​In 2008, Spain was plunged into a long and bitter financial crisis due to the explosion of the real estate "bubble". Thousands of construction projects were abandoned throughout the country, leaving a landscape of empty buildings in different stages of construction.

Ten years after the beginning of the crisis, the project Fantasmas de Hormigón (Concrete Ghosts) intends to document the ghost towns, abandoned buildings, half-finished infrastructures, and vast deserted industrial estates, by adding my own personal layer of fiction to these existing sites. I make ghosts from cement and fabric, and I leave them there, waiting for something to happen, waiting to be inhabited. I make concrete hands and feet that come out of the construction itself, an imprint of what we make and what we leave behind.

The only people who see the original works are the few who visit these places. For the rest of the audience, the result is a collection of photos of a strange journey through desolate landscapes.

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