19 & 20 september: Aqualand Tour with Tourisme Imaginaire at centrale hydroélectrique du Vintrou.

22-31 august: research residency for Hang Out Bellahoj 2021, an experimental, site-specific performance-format developed for Bellahøj in Copenhagen.

8 august, 20h: Festival Jorearte, Ayerbe, Huesca. A Cada Paso que Doy dejo una Huella el el Paisaje, extracto.


23 september, 18h: FestivalEra, festival de teatro en el entorno rural, Sta Eulalia de Gallego, Huesca. A Cada Paso que Doy dejo una Huella el el Paisaje, extracto.

30 july- 29 september: Espacio Portalet, Spain/France. Lignes Droites Angles Morts. Performance and installation with photographic exhibition of the series Fantasmas de Hormigón. 

18-25 april: La Grainerie, Balma. Residency period Point of View.

5-17 april: RAMDAM, Un Centre d'Art, Lyon. Residency period Lignes Droites Angles Morts (Straight Lines Right Angles). Public presentation 16 april at 20h.

22 february-3 mars: Thèm'Art #7 (Art Contemporain et Philosophie) Crises, Galerie G, La Garde. Photographic exhibition Fantasmas de Hormigón. 


8-21 decembre: Festival 12x12, Paris. Photographic exhibition Fantasmas de Hormigón. Vernissage 8th december.

6-17 november & 26 november-6 december: circus and territorial residency in Aussillon, Tarn, with artistic interventions throughout the period.

19 October-18 November: Installation with performance Straight Lines Right Angles on the soirée of the 19th. Centro Cultural El Matadero, Huesca. Festival Periferias.

17-30 September: Residency hosted by Patch Work Collective, Toulouse-Gers, France. Public presentation: 30 september. ​

14 September-18 November: Photographic exhibition Fantasmas de Hormigón: La Cárcel de Segovia.

10 August-4 September. Residency "Balancing the City" Metropolis, Copenhagen.

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