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Point of View is a performance and dance project for urban and natural landscapes. The movement takes place on a window frame which is an apparatus to climb and to dance upon, and a frame on a panorama.

The audience is invited to one side of the window looking out towards the other side accompanied by a sound track that defines where to look. Through this frame the audience can see rehearsed situations, juxtaposed with real situations: a person who walks his dog, a child with a balloon ... The fictional narrative becomes merged with everyday life.

I have chosen the image of a window to work with in order to explore notions of point of view, of looking and observation. The window as a symbolic image of how we see the world around us.

The creative residencies are done in the public space in order to interact with the local population. and collect testimonials: What do you see through your window? Describe your window to the world. What would you like to see? What would you like others to see through your window? Do you feel observed sometimes?

It is currently in the creative process and will premiere in the second semestre of 2019.

Residencies 2018: KIT (Kobenhavn), Patch Work (Gers-Toulouse), Aussillon (Tarn).

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