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Love in Times of Ikea

is a comedy solo circus-theatre multimedia piece, combining vertical dance and video projections.

The performance takes place on a climbing wall that is used as a screen, where an acrobatic dance is synchronized to the movements of two virtual “clones”. The show questions, throughout a comical stand-up monologue and the interaction of movement with projections, the need for a collective identity, with Ikea as our common denominator.

Created with the support of: Defi Jeunes (Toulouse), Mairie de Toulouse. Creation residencies: Mix Art Myrys (Toulouse), L’Usine (Tournefeuille), Espacio Pirineos (Residencia Festival Nocte, Graus), Pole de Danse

Verticale Retouramont (Paris), La Menagerie (Tournefeuille). 

For more information please visit:

The show is 30 minutes and can be performed in theatres, outdoors venues and in churches (or other dark places).

Concept and performing: Nadine O'Garra

Video collaboration: Guillaume Bautista

Stop motion animation: Nadine O'Garra & Nathalie Fixon

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