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Love in Times of Ikea is a comedy solo circus-theatre multimedia piece, combining vertical dance and video projections.

The performance takes place on a climbing wall that is used as a screen, where an acrobatic dance is synchronized to the movements of two virtual “clones”. The show questions, throughout a comical stand-up monologue and the interaction of movement with projections, the need for a collective identity, with Ikea as our common denominator.



Created with the support of: Defi Jeunes (Toulouse), Mairie de Toulouse. Creation residencies: Mix Art Myrys (Toulouse), L’Usine (Tournefeuille), Espacio Pirineos (Residencia Festival Nocte, Graus), Pole de Danse

Verticale Retouramont (Paris), La Menagerie (Tournefeuille).

The show is 30 minutes and can be performed in theatres, outside and in churches.

Concept and performing: Nadine O'Garra

Video collaboration: Guillaume Bautista

Stop motion animation: Nadine O'Garra & Nathalie Fixon

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